what to do on your dating profile for the best dating sites

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You want to be honest, that’s very important, but you want to get across your best features so as not to put people off too early.

Stay positive on your online dating profile

You want to come over happy, and putting negative statements wont create the right mood. Use statements that tempt people in to a confy atmosphere, don’t use it as a platform for your life moans.

Don’t be an idealist

Don’t use this as a platform to list the attributes of your dream partner.  You can go for “would like to meet an outdoors type” but try not to be specific in too many areas, or the numbers of matches will drop

Keep out clichés from your online dating profile

Apparently, the most overused phrase in dating profiles is ‘I’m equally happy going out with friends or staying in with a DVD and a bottle of wine’.   People will just skip over these.  Try and get the piont across but in a new unique way.

Try not to rule things out unless it’s vital

You may not like country music, but don’t put down “No country music lovers”.  The right person may be there, and really how much time will you spend at concerts together.  Unless it’s a true hatred – leave it out


Last online dating advice: not too much detail

Most vital of all, if you overload in detail then people reading your summary will get bored.  Try and summarize and give people a snapshot, but of course make sure you get over all the things about yourself that you want to.


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